Smart Property Management for Commercial and Multi-Family Real-Estate

Computer Vision for Property Management

We provide integrated exterior surveillance solutions for property managers. Know when delivery drivers arrive, when packages are left outside, when abnormal activity occurs, and when non-customers park in reserved spaces.

Our Smart Parking System for Private Property Parking Spaces

Customer Satisfaction Starts in the Parking Lot

Freepik Isometric Security Camera

Payment Compliance

Reduce operational costs by digitally enforcing payment at each unattended parking kiosk.

Freepik Isometric Business Meeting Insights

Parking Insights

Learn vehicle type/ownership demographics, follow usage trends, and add EV Stations.

Freepik Isometric TowTruck Transparent

Parking Notification

Identify non-customer cars parked in reserved spaces so your customers have parking.

Address Tenant Concerns and Enhance Their Experience

Gain Confidence with Package Deliveries

Freepik Package Transparent

Secure Package Delivery Detection

Identify when packages are left outside of your property to ensure that valuable goods are delivered properly at all hours of the day.

Freepik OmniChannel Retail Smaller

E-Commerce Analytics

Track the number of passerby impressions, the physical bounce rate, and the customer entrance conversions, as you would with online analytics.

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